Meet Elie Accad

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Elie has over 35 years of experience as a mechanical engineer, a mining & industrial projects manager and a client solutions manager. He received his B. Eng. for mechanical engineering at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and later completed his MBA at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. His responsibilities at Ausenco include project management and preparation of major proposals for mining projects located in North and West Africa and other regions. Elie's broad global experience in consulting and industrial sectors has allowed him to develop multi-disciplinary abilities and a diversified set of skills.

Elie's most memorable projects at Ausenco span across various industry sectors from Tafisa's wood particle-board plant redesign to the management of the downstream scope of the OCP Phosphate Slurry Pipeline, the largest phosphate slurry pipeline in the world, transporting 38M tonnes of concentrate per year in a 36 inch diameter pipeline. He specifically enjoyed contributing in providing innovative solutions to the project, whereby the project team performed several studies to determine the feasibility of the pipeline transportation along with the filtering and drying processes of the slurry. Through our ingenious and unique design, the pipeline and plant designs were executed successfully and are currently operational.

For Elie, what makes Ausenco different is our flexible approach to projects and our willingness to listen to our client and work in close collaboration with them. He was the project manager of the El Aouj (Mauritania) feasibility study where Ausenco was able to increase the capacity from 7.5 to 11.5 million tons per year of iron ore concentrate while optimizing the footprint of the plant and reducing the project capital cost by 20% . Elie believes that Ausenco's strength is our ability to break down barriers between sectors and work in close cooperation with our experts and clients. He believes that Ausenco can always present the optimal team while working on a project as we have open channels of communication between offices from which we can draw valuable expertise.