Meet James Braund

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James brings over 17 years of international experience in safety management roles across a range of industries, including: construction, mining, refining, and maritime. Responsible for developing, implementing and oversight of effective safety systems and training programs at Ausenco, James travels to our project sites to manage, train and implement Ausenco's HSEC programs.

James' safety management career began in the field, working on projects which put his skills to the test. Often located in harsh environments, the early projects were especially challenging due to poor safety cultures - a reflection of the in-country's low safety regulation standards. These early projects were the catalyst for James' career in the health and safety field. He embraced the challenge of implementing high quality safety programs and of bringing safety standards up and incidents down.

One of James' most rewarding project experiences was working as the Project Manager HSE on the Martabe Gold Project in Indonesia in 2011. James was seconded to the client's team to oversee the safety management for the entire scope of the project which included training of 5200 onsite workers. The project's location - in an area of ​​high seismicity and subject to monsoonal conditions, added to the safety challenges. In a constantly changing and challenging project, James ensured safe systems of work were in place, communicated and adhered to. In addition, he developed site-specific training, auditing and reporting systems. This project recorded over 3.6 million man hours Lost Time Injury (LTI) free, with a project completion Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate of 0.46 per 1 million hours with a largely national workforce and many, new to the industry;

Ausenco's reputation for placing priority on HSEC and the wellbeing of all employees attracted James to the company in 2007. James believes that Ausenco's safety record and focus on bringing value to each client, is paramount to why clients choose us.