Meet Jay Chapman

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Growing up on a farm in Nampa, Idaho, Jay Chapman was always inquisitive about how things worked. This curiosity led him to Columbia University in NYC to pursue a degree in engineering, earning a Master of Science degree, specializing in Bioengineering. His thesis topic covered the use of polymers for frictional drag reduction in fluid flow, which prompted him to look for work in the pipeline hydraulics and process areas. Today, he sits as Ausenco's Pipeline Global Practice Lead in our Belo Horizonte office, working extensively in both practical and theoretical aspects of the pipeline, telecommunications and automation fields.

Through our heritage company, PSI, Jay has spent almost 40 years involved in the study, design and implementation of some of the most ground-breaking long distance pipeline projects in the world. These include: MBP, Samarco, Minas-Rio, and Logum in Brazil; Alumbrera in Argentina; Los Pelambres in Chile; Transgas in Portugal, LaPerla-Hercules in Mexico and many others.

One of Jay's most memorable projects at Ausenco is the MBP Bauxite Concentrate Slurry Pipeline, a 244km pipeline transporting 13.5 MT / y of bauxite. He recalls this project as it was the world's first commercial long-distance bauxite ore slurry pipeline. Prior to this project, other companies had shown interest in transporting bauxite by pipeline, but were concerned with bauxite's fragility and the susceptibility of pipelines to frequent plugging indicated during pipe loop testing. Ausenco performed laboratory tests and analyzed pipe test loop data and concluded that a bauxite slurry pipeline would be successful.

Reflecting on the current state of the pipeline industry, Jay identifies the continual challenge to address corrosion and erosion effects on pipelines. This creates constant pressure to discover new materials to use in the design of better pipelines.

Ausenco, through our heritage company, PSI, has designed every recent operating long-distance slurry pipeline over 14 inches in diameter. For Jay, this extensive experience, coupled with the ability to design these pipelines exclusively from laboratory tests, eliminating the need for expensive pipe loop tests, sets us apart. As Ausenco had a vision to provide full pit-to-port services to our customers, Jay commends PSI's acquisition as a key link to this vision being achieved. He notes that Ausenco's many years of diversified pipeline experience has translated into our ability to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions to our clients for transporting their products. This resonates with Ausenco's culture of placing our clients first and on providing the best project economics wherever possible.

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