Meet Luis Neves

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Luis graduated as a software engineer from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais in Brazil and began his career designing forecasting revenue software. He joined an engineering firm as a Commercial Analyst with the task of developing a new proprietary forecasting program. During seasonal downtime, Luis lent his organizational skills to the proposals team, helping them source new projects and clientele as well as assisting with the creation of high caliber proposals. The fast pace and challenging nature of proposal work ignited Luis's passion for business development, and after the completion of the software project, he stayed on board as part of the proposal team.

In 2010, Luis joined the Ausenco Brazil office as Proposal Manager. His first major proposal at Ausenco was the Minas Rio Anglo Ferrous Options Study proposal - an expansion study for an iron ore mine in Brazil and one of the world's largest mining projects. During the development of this proposal, he worked with different Ausenco offices and became familiarized with each office's personnel and services. This allowed him to develop a strong, award-winning proposal.

Luis believes that Brazil's extensive mineral resources will continue to attract foreign investors to Brazil. He enjoys the challenge of developing proposals which demonstrate Ausenco's focus on cost-effective and fit for purpose design, as well as introducing the team of diverse and talented experts selected for the project at hand.

Luis graduated in computer engineering from the Pontifícia Universidad Católica de Minas Gerais in Brazil. He began his career designing financial forecasting software, then joined an engineering firm as a business analyst, with the task of developing new in-house software. During periods of seasonal availability, Luis lent his organizational skills to the sales team, to find new projects and new customers. He also helped create high-caliber business proposals. The sustained pace and the stimulating nature of his work in the commercial offers department ultimately led him to develop a real passion for business development.

By joining Ausenco in Brazil in 2010, Luis brought his skills and passion to his position as Director of Commercial Offers. His first contact with Ausenco took place during the development of the “Minas Rio Anglo Ferrous Options Study” project - an expansion study for an iron ore mine in Brazil and one of the largest mining projects in the world.

In addition to acquiring new knowledge about the various subsidiaries of the parent company Ausenco, Luis had the opportunity to participate in a campaign to change the image of the company in 2012. This allowed him to develop new marketing skills and participate in the presentation of Ausenco to the world, as a holistic and cohesive company, and having unique areas of expertise.

Looking to the future, Luis believes that the recovery of the Brazilian economy and the country's substantial resource base will encourage foreign investors to reconsider investment opportunities in Brazil. Investors will therefore be looking for flexible solutions that take into account the costs for their projects. Luis therefore believes that Ausenco's good reputation at this level and Ausenco's interest in projects whose design is profitable and suitable, as well as the team of talented global experts from various horizons in the company, will be in perfect harmony with the project objectives of potential investors.