Meet Nicholas Myers

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Nicholas has over 10 years of extensive experience in the concept and study phase, design, construction, and commissioning of mineral processing plants throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea, Africa, and South America. He currently works as an engineering and study manager previously serving roles such as project engineering manager, lead design engineer, and project site coordinator. Nick studied mechanical engineering at the University of Queensland, Australia, and discovered his passion for teamwork and projects through his rugby playing days and his involvement with the UQ Formula SAE Racing team.

Nick believes we can offer our clients better value and smarter solutions as we differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our approach and people. For example, we have studied, designed, and constructed large copper concentrators, some of which have been benchmarked as the lowest capital cost facilities in their global regions:

  • The Phu Kham copper project in Laos, Asia / Pacific
  • The Lumwana copper project in Zambia, Africa
  • The Constancia copper project in Peru, South America

All successful projects.

Nick adapts and implements the “Ausenco Approach” in all his studies and projects and explains the approach as comprising the following elements:


We are well positioned to be flexible to quickly respond to changing conditions whilst supporting our clients.
We tailor our strategies and solutions to meet project requirements and client expectations.

Ingenious Solutions

  • We seek ingenious solutions through our people and 'fit for purpose' culture
  • We boast a prowess for process and layout design with a huge focus on reducing plant and facility footprint. These reductions result in reduced bulk quantities which ultimately lead to reductions in labor cost, schedule duration, management cost, etc.

Customer Commitment

  • We listen, we challenge, we align.
  • We work hard to build trust and we deliver on our agreed common goals.

For Nick, what makes Ausenco different is that we give our clients better value and smarter solutions through our 'fit for purpose' culture and our approach to client engagement. At the heart of this culture, are our people globally, including our subject matter experts and global practice leads. These experts, together with our global teams, make it possible for Ausenco to develop a complete Pit-to-Port solution for our customers. These solutions can significantly reduce study costs, minimize interfaces, and provide greater consistency across a study. Our rich study history and project delivery 'track record' support this.

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