In November 2013, more than 140 children from Chilloroya, a community located near the Constancia Project, Peru, participated in Values Leadership Workshops as part of an initiative supported by the Ausenco Foundation and HudBay, owner of the Constancia Project.

The workshops were developed together with WAAIME (The Woman's Auxiliary to the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers, Inc.), a non-profit organisation that gathers women related to the mining industry, and implement initiatives that contribute to the education of local communities that surrounds mining projects.

During the sessions, the children learned about the importance of preserving the values that belong to the place where they live and study; teaching them about leadership and enhancing self-esteem. The teachers of Chilloroya Elementary School also participated so they could learn the tools and use them with future students.

This program considered “group dynamics” and games that promote learning to improve personal and community development of the kids. As part of this initiative, our client HudBay, assisted with logistics; together with our contractors Concretos Supermix (concrete) and Newcrest (catering).