Congratulations to the Ausenco team and our contractors for achieving major milestones on the Constancia project site in Peru, reaching 5 million man-hours LTI free and contributing to the total project milestone of 13 million man-hours LTI free.

The site and commissioning teams are currently busy getting construction completed and running systems through precommissioning and commissioning, with final walk downs in the Phase 1 areas completed.

We have 155 people onsite working with close to 3,200 contractor personnel in the construction of the process plant, off plot infrastructure, tailings pipelines, water and power systems as well as running the construction camps which cater for 6,000 people, highlighting the great effort by everyone involved in this project.

The Constancia Project, owned by HudBay Minerals, is located at 4,200m above sea level in the South-eastern Andes of Peru.