The mining industry has long been seen as a ‘dirty’ industry in conversations around the fight against climate change, but this is somewhat unjust. Mining for the future is essential, as it plays a critical role in supplying the minerals and metals needed to drive the energy transition, and support population growth around the world.

But there is an acute awareness across the industry of the need to unlock these resources in a more sustainable way – reducing impact on the planet and its precious resources. There is also a wider misconception that mining does not affect the average person, but in reality the contribution is everywhere – from building homes, to supplying healthcare with technology and tools, to the production of smartphones, and a critical contributor to green energy.

As it stands, two important issues are impacting the sector – the environmental and social impacts/benefits of mine development and operation, and the application of minerals and metals in the products that are driving the decarbonisation of our energy and transportation systems.

Ausenco has always been at the forefront of finding a better way to operate, and they own their role and that of the broader industry, as critical players in supporting the energy transition.

The company is committed to delivering innovative solutions, with environmental experts working hand-in-hand with design and engineering teams to develop smaller footprint projects that are resource efficient. This expertise is combined with environmental and socio-economic experience, allowing the company to have a positive ESG impact across the full life cycle of a project. Ausenco is also known for its clever plant designs and tailings management, which on some projects significantly reduced water and energy consumption.

To complement this sustainable approach to projects, the company created the Ausenco Foundation in 2008. It was founded with the aim to ensure the company lives its corporate values by making a positive and sustainable difference to the people in the communities where they live and work.

The company’s commitment to making significant and lasting contributions to reconciliation with Indigenous people has also led to the development of Reconciliation Action Plans in Australia, Canada and soon in South America. Ausenco has carefully aligned its plans with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and in Canada, the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action.

Ausenco's approach to unlocking resources sustainably is rooted in the company’s commitment to having a positive impact on the world. Striving to collaborate with clients and communities to achieve more sustainable safety, environmental and community outcomes. With that in mind, the company’s ultimate goal for the future is to develop mine projects that are invisible - at the end of a mine’s useful life, the only evidence that a mine existed is the wellbeing and economic sustainability of the local community. With the right planning and the technical, social and environmental expertise from companies like Ausenco – this can become a reality.

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