The geotechnical characterization of coarse granular materials has difficulties not only because of the high costs and execution times of large-scale in-situ and laboratory tests, but also due to the need to use particle size scaling techniques, such as the parallel granulometry method or the cutting method. Unfortunately, these techniques have limitations in their use and are still research topics in Geotechnical Engineering. Thus, this work presents the results of laboratory tests performed on samples of coarse material from mining. The characterization includes granulometry, macrogranulometry, minimum and maximum densities tests, and large-scale triaxial tests carried out in the IDIEM laboratory of the University of Chile, with maximum diameters of 1.0 m and maximum heights of 1.8 m. In particular, the results obtained from two triaxial specimens made in cell sizes of 100x180 cm and 15x30 cm, whose behavior was almost identical, are presented and analyzed.

Triaxial Test

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