Value driven optimisation using integrated technology solutions

By R. Chandramohan, M. Pyle, R. Byfield & R. Whittering

1 min read


A connected data-driven operation is the future of mining – where real-time operating data is captured and analysed to maximise revenue, identify opportunity and minimise risk.

An Integrated Technology Solutions platform embraces the technological leap of the digital revolution in mining and merges with predictive analytics providing a systematic approach to the connected data-driven vision. The platform combines long-term optimisation models with short-term predictive analytics; providing comprehensive information management platforms that present key performance data and targets for the entire operational team in a clearly-defined and systematic approach. The program provides:

  • A rigorous method to troubleshoot and debottleneck daily plant issues
  • Linking of short-term opportunities with long-term forecasts
  • Training for the operational team
  • Continuous improvement of asset health and plant utilisation for a changing mine plan
  • Mine to mill to product optimisation

The objective of the approach is to improve the value of operations by defining critical decision-drivers at each phase of the mining operation. Ausenco’s mining, process, asset and logistics optimisation solutions are integrated with Yokogawa’s best in class IoT, data management and analytics solutions minimising the dollar per tonne of ore processed or unit metal produced in operations through energy and cost-efficient processes.

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