How can you maximise ROI in your mining operations?

By Matt Pyle, Sergio Urra & Harold Lopez

2 min read

By improving throughput, optimising operational and capital expenditure

Join us for the last webinar in our series in partnership with AusIMM as we wrap up 2020!

The series sheds light on the changing landscape of mineral processing projects through a project lifecycle and sharing best practices on how to achieve optimal outcomes at each stage of the cycle.

Our previous webinars provided context to the series, outlined the importance of good studies to clearly define the value opportunity, explained how good designs capture and enhance the value identified in studies while enabling successful construction execution, and discussed how to achieve high Net Present Value in project delivery.

In this webinar, our experts will explain how revenues, operating and capital expenditures can be optimised and prioritised to increase value for stakeholders.

Tune in to hear Matt Pyle, Harold Lopez, and Sergio Urra talk about how they improved performance and production for mining operations and share their lessons learnt as well as best practices. Topics include:

  • Unlocking values through removing site and process constraints
  • Decreasing downtime through strategic planning
  • Optimising and making the best use of existing assets
  • Efficient operation and maintenance: small incremental steps can lead to great things
  • Reducing and optimising investment

Facilitator and Presenters:
Matt Pyle, Technical Solutions Director
Sergio Urra, Director, Asset Optimisation, APAC Africa
Harold Lopez, Metallurgist, Capricorn Copper Mine

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