The logistics of moving material from mine to market can be a significant part of a project’s overall cost, and in some cases can substantially impact it’s financial viability as a whole. In this webinar, our experts discuss the key considerations for determining the best transportation option for your operation.

Presented by Joel Shirriff, VP and Global Practice Lead, Terminals & Transportation and moderated by Chris King-Sidney, President Global Consulting, we explore common questions that can help guide the decisions you make around both the mineral process methodology and the transportation solution that are best for your project: 

  • What are the annual production rates into and out of the process plant?
  • Is the mine site extremely remote and/or have limited access to power and water?
  • What existing infrastructure can be used or expanded for the project, and at what cost?
  • Does the transport route cross over/around challenging geography, like rivers, lakes or mountains?
  • Can any part of the beneficiation process be deferred to a downstream location?

Watch the recordings:

English replay | Spanish replay