Public consultation in times of physical distancing

By Norma Powell & Nick Kourepini

1 min read

Bringing the power and knowledge of an Environmental Assessment to a digital platform (Digital EA) allows stakeholders to easily access information, fostering improved project understanding by taking reports of complex science and technical language and making it more understandable to audiences.

The power to share information through Digital EA creates greater clarity around environmental and socio-economic considerations and can increase one's understanding and acceptance of projects. The use of Digital EA is applicable to a wide range of private and public projects, policy and planning decisions, and virtually any topic that requires providing information to an audience. Its advantage today is it provides a forum for open houses during physical distancing.

Presented by Norma Powell, Director of Environmental Assessments, and supported by Nick Kourepinis, Geomatics Business Leader, this webinar will look at how Digital EA can support clients as businesses and agencies shift the way they host open houses and gather public feedback. Applying the available digital tools can help them overcome challenges faced by physical distancing.

The webinar will discuss:

  • Tools and resources that support remote engagement
  • What are the opportunities and challenges?
  • Principles for engaging with stakeholders with physical distancing