The role of asset optimisation in operational transformation and viability

By Sergio Urra, Brian Spicer & Jon Garnaut

1 min read

Over the last decade, asset-intensive industries, including mining, power generation, and material handling have seen waves of change in their operations. From disruptive digital transformations to cyclical commodities and the global pandemic, asset- intensive companies must transform the way they operate and foster culture that promotes asset flexibility and agility to remain viable.

As one of the key factors to the success of an operation, asset optimisation also plays a critical role in this wave of transformation. Asset optimisation processes ensure assets performance matches the organisation’s needs and strategies for the future.

Join our Asset Optimisation experts as they share insights into operational risks, advanced tools and technologies in the digital era, and how asset optimisation can aid operational transformation.

Topics include:

  • Turning risks into opportunities through improving asset performance, reducing maintenance costs, and extending the life of capital assets
  • Improving teams’ efficiency by adopting software-based solutions and automation of data management
  • Recent examples and case studies

Sergio Urra
, Asset Optimisation Manager, APAC Africa
Brian Spicer
, Asset Optimisation Lead Consultant
Jon Garnaut
, Asset Optimisation Consultant

Moderated by:

Steve Koro, Asset Optimisation Regional Manager, APAC Africa

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