Image: Josemaria copper-gold project: 3D mining animations simplify complex processes for all audiences

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Josemaria copper-gold project: 3D mining animations simplify complex processes for all audiences

Iglesia, San Juan, Argentina
Lunding Mining
Copper; Gold

The Josemaria Copper-Gold Project is located in the Province of San Juan, Argentina. Our Virtualization and New Technologies team delivered a series of project animations for Josemaria Resources Inc., to better communicate the complex processes of the project to a non-technical audience. The two animations delivered were successfully presented and received by a wide range of audiences.

The Challenge

Josemaria is an open pit operation that will use a conventional process plant to process 152,000 t/d of material over a 19 year mine life. Josemaria Resources Inc. needed a partner to create two animations to communicate two themes/processes clearly and simply: design and construction of the tailings dam, and the entire project from mine to port.

To create these custom animations, we were challenged to find a better way to use our creativity and technical skills to convey the processes in an accurate and straightforward manner, while not getting bogged down in detail. The audiences for the animations included local communities, shareholders, managers, and the media.

The Better Way

Drawing on our expertise in multimedia and data management, we created the tailings dam animation with the following data inputs – topography, orthophotos, project blueprints, earthworks, roads, open-pit 3d model, process plant models etc. Using 3D modelling software, we created a virtual representation of the tailings dam construction from the initial project stage through 19 years to mine closure.

With a commitment to creating a simple yet powerful overview of the entire mining process that could be understood by a layperson, we created a sequence of animations taking the viewer from the very start of the process through the crushing and processing stages of the ore, all the way to transport by train to the port. A voiceover using a local speaker was added to narrate the animation, proving further explanation to the audience.

The Outcome

Our experts created two powerful animations that accurately depicted the tailings dam construction over time, as well as the entire Josemaria mining project from mine to port.

The presentations were well received be the various audiences and were of great value to the client who was able to use these as effective communication tools. The animations were later picked up by local and national television stations, as well as distributed via social media. The government of San Juan presented our animations at public meetings to describe the Josemaria project and mining process.