Image: Prince Rupert Port Authority: 5-km long Connector Road

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Prince Rupert Port Authority: 5-km long Connector Road

West Kaien Island, Prince Rupert, BC
Prince Rupert Port Authority
2016 – ongoing

Prince Rupert Port Authority is planning to construct a 5-km long Connector Road between Fairview Container Terminal and the Ridley Island Industrial area.

When complete, the corridor will reduce industrial traffic through local municipalities and provide additional rail capacity for industrial users. To proceed with construction an Aquatic Effects Assessment, Offsetting Plan, Fisheries Act Authorization for Serious Harm and Construction Environmental Management Plan are required.

Ausenco is providing the following services in support of the project:

  • Quantification of the aquatic effects on existing fish and wildlife habitat biophysical attributes through intertidal and subtidal scuba surveys, intertidal transect and quadrat surveys; underwater video; fish presence surveys; eelgrass surveys and kelp bed surveys
  • A Serious Harm Assessment guided by the Department of Fisheries and Ocean (DFO), Fisheries Productivity Investment Policy (FPIP)
  • Identification and design of mitigation measures to minimize environmental effects
  • Identification and design of offsetting projects, at various locations along the Connector Road and on Port lands
  • Development of an effectiveness monitoring and contingency plan to track the effectiveness of offsets
  • Liaison and approvals from regulatory agency personnel
  • Local government and ENGO consultation
  • Application to DFO for authorization, including regulated Information Requirements