Image: Bromptonville Project: Advanced 26mw biomass power system

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Bromptonville Project: Advanced 26mw biomass power system

Bromptomville, Quebec, Canada
Kruger Inc

Ausenco developed and completed the feasibility studies, preliminary engineering, capital cost estimate and the detail design engineering for the new 26mw biomass fired cogeneration complex at Kruger, Bromptonville, Quebec.

A state-of-the-art Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) boiler suitable to generating 110 t/h of steam at 8,900 kPa and 485° C (242,500 lb/h, 1,276 psig, 905° F) feeds a double extraction-condensing steam turbine driving a 26 mw, 0,9 pf generator Power is generated at 138 kV and stepped up to 120 kV for connection to the Hydro-Québec transmission lines.

The turbine extracts steam at medium and low pressure to feed the paper making process in the mill. Exhaust steam is condensed in a water cooled surface condenser.

The BFB boiler is fired with biomass solid fuel consisting of bark, construction demolition wood waste, dewatered deinking, municipal waste sludge and primary and secondary effluent sludges.