Image: Jinfeng Gold BIOX®: First gold project in China by a western entity

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Jinfeng Gold BIOX®: First gold project in China by a western entity

Sino Gold Limited

This project is Sino Gold’s flagship project and is considered to be the largest known Carlin-type deposit in China. At completion Jinfeng was the second largest gold mine in China with production of 180,000 ounces per annum.

Ausenco was involved in the design and construction of the 1.2 Mt/y gold treatment facility including comminution, flotation, BIOX® leaching, CIL, mercury scrubbing, neutralisation, cyanide detoxification and waste disposal.

Ausenco’s scope included responsibility for the management of the engineering for the process plant and infrastructure, global procurement and logistics, construction management and commissioning for the facility.

The plant is the first western executed gold project in China. As such, it has involved extensive collaboration with Chinese authorities and local engineering organisations.

  • Challenging logistics due to remote mountainous location and high rainfall
  • Peak workforce of 1,300 personnel with 95% local Chinese labour
  • Use of exotic construction materials
  • Complex plant design compared to other gold projects in China
  • Predominant Chinese content including equipment, contractors, material
  • Plant ramp-up and commissioning completed in short timeframe
  • Designing of plant in conjunction with Chinese Design Institute