Image: BC Hydro: Distribution engineering services

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BC Hydro: Distribution engineering services

British Columbia
BC Hydro

Ausenco was engaged by BC Hydro to provide distribution engineering services through the Repeatable Design and Engineering Services (RDE) program throughout British Columbia. The RDE program provides replicable and sustainable integrated solutions to improve and renew aging distribution infrastructure, providing reliable and safe power services to residents throughout the province.

The Challenge

BC Hydro engaged Ausenco, to provide end-of-life maintenance services and to replace existing equipment. This included design projects involving expansion and modification of the distributions systems.

Ausenco provided designs for underground and overhead services for the betterment and longevity of their infrastructure. The RDE projects include all aspects of the electrical distribution system (under 25 kV) to bring power to businesses and residents across the province. Some of the engineering services our team has provided since 2020 include wood pole replacements, overhead switches, reclosers, capacitor banks, voltage regulators, conversions, and overhead crossings.

With BC Hydro operating 50,000km of distribution lines throughout the province there are many technical aspects and stakeholders involved. The unique conditions in each area require designs considerate of safe technical engineering, archeology, and the environment. The various distribution project locations require coordination with hundreds of municipalities and First Nations groups, requiring impeccable communication and teamwork.

The better way

Ausenco has a longstanding history with BC Hydro going back over 50 years, reliably providing safe, efficient, and quality design services and construction support for hundreds of their projects.

Each assignment the Ausenco team tackles under the RDE Program has its individual challenges and nuances. Having the benefit of in-house experts in civil and electrical engineering, sustainability, and First Nations engagement, allows us to cater to projects of the upmost complexity.

Outcomes and achievements

During the three years of services for the RDE program we have worked on over 800 individual underground and overhead distribution assignments. This renewed infrastructure will provide urban and remote communities with more sustainable and reliable power.

Ausenco is proud to be a long-term service provider of BC Hydro, keeping the lights on reliably for people and businesses across British Columbia.