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Development of project management system

2011 - 2012

Due to the rapid growth of a medium sized engineering firm the management team identified a need to improve the coordination and management of projects.

A project was run with the deliverable of setting up a Project Management System (PMSys) in which projects are planned, managed and reported in a consistent manner. The objective was to streamline project control and give project teams the tools to effectively manage their own projects in a more decentralised approach to project management.

The project involved the development and implementation of a standard approach to project management and project controls within the business.

Ausenco Rylson delivered the following:

  • review of the existing project management practices
  • identification of project management tools needed by the business
  • established a project review panel
  • development of the system
  • implementation of the system.

There were 58 individual documents developed that made up or supported the PMSys.


The implementation of the PMSys has achieved the following for the business:

  • project teams have access to tools that help them plan and manage their work
  • projects now include a provision for project planning which give teams time to thoroughly plan their course of action for project delivery
  • teams are accustomed to regular reporting of their projects. This allows management visibility into each project without constant one-on-one communication with each team.

The PMSys is now fully implemented in the business with relevant parts applied on each new project. The PMSys was confirmed to be a good fi t for the business and is fulfilling the function it was designed to achieve. This is ensuring all aspects of project management such as scope, risk, cost, time, quality, communication, human resources, procurement and integration are addressed on every project.

The project demonstrates Rylson’s commitment to optimising project delivery for our clients and shows a core competence in project management / engineering support services available to assist our clients.