Image: Wet Plant Project: Expansion and Grinding Facility

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Wet Plant Project: Expansion and Grinding Facility

Perth, Ontario
OMYA (Canada) Inc.

The Wet Plant Expansion is housed in a new five storey building which contains the process services and a central lab and control room for all processing plants.

The scope of work included plant layout as well as detailed design of all process tanks, vessels and separation columns as well as all foundations, operating floors and supports for all process equipment.

New process and service pumps and mineral separation equipment was installed both in the new plant and as circuit upgrades and modernisations in the existing processing plant.

Ausenco worked hand in hand with the OMYA Process Department to translate the client’s process P. & I.D.s into a final plant design.

The existing 4.16 kV distribution system was expanded to accommodate a new 4.0 MVA drive transformer and a 2.5 MVA unit substation for 600 volt motors and variable frequency drives.

Approximately 1400 I/O points are used to monitor and control the various processes. PLC’s are linked together via communication networks for central interrogation, alarm and control functions.

The existing 44 kV system was also expanded and a new 15.0 MVA substation and switching building were installed to allow for future plant expansions. 44 kV and 15 kV metal-clad (SF6 gasinsulated) switchgear were used since space was limited.

A cable tunnel will be used to distribute power to the new processes. This allows maximum flexibility as cables can be easily added.