Image: Cerro Matoso Ferronickel Mine: Ground control and geotechnical risk studies

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Cerro Matoso Ferronickel Mine: Ground control and geotechnical risk studies

Montelíbano, Colombia
BHP Billiton - Cerro Matoso S.A
Base Metals

The Cerro Matoso S.A. Ferronickel mine (CMSA) is located in Montelíbano –Córdoba, Colombia. Ausenco advised CMSA on the implementation of the BHP Billiton Fatal Risk Control – Ground protocol.

In conjunction with CMSA, Ausenco conducted a risk study of land instability and geotechnical aspects associated with the mine.

The survey included aerial photographic and satellite image interpretation to identify geomorphologic processes and landslide hazards. Vulnerability of people, buildings and equipment was identified and the risk was estimated qualitatively.

A geotechnical zoning of Cerro Matoso was prepared.

Ausenco proposed several treatment options to control the identified risks. Monitoring technologies were considered including: slope stability radar (SSR), ground-base Lidar, a seismograph and accelerograph network, and image analysis.

A regulation document for ground control was prepared under the standards of risk administration of CMSA and BHP Billiton. This document describes the geotechnical risk management process including hazard identification, consequence analysis, risk estimation, risk assessment, treatment plan and monitoring alternatives.

Ausenco’s scope of services included:

  • Identification of geomorphologic processes and landslide hazards
  • Estimation of land instability and geotechnical risk
  • Risk zoning
  • Identification of treatment options and monitoring alternatives
  • Regulations for geotechnical risk management.