Image: New Polaris Mine Environmental Assessment

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New Polaris Mine Environmental Assessment

Atlin, BC
Canagold Resources Limited
November 2020 – Ongoing

Ausenco was retained by Canagold to lead baseline data collection and environmental assessment (EA) services for the New Polaris project. We were chosen based on our ability to effectively manage EA processes to achieve project deliverables and meet scheduled milestones.

Ausenco focused on providing Canagold with a cost-sensitive approach to project application submission and addressing information needs. We provided a baseline and impact assessment approach that uses data already gathered within the project area (either project-specific or as regional information collected by the government) and have emphasized short-term field-based work that is focused on general site assessment and essential topics for information gathering.

Our approach to the New Polaris EA is based on our depth of experience leading the development of mines in British Columbia (BC) and Canada and our strategic understanding of the new EA framework and interplay with Indigenous issues and inclusion. Ausenco will develop and implement baseline data collection programs and subsequently complete impact assessments and prepare an EAC application for submission to the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). All baseline programs will be developed to meet the requirements of the BC Environmental Assessment Act (2018). We will also support early engagement activities, with local Indigenous Nations, the public and relevant regulators, as appropriate.