Image: Hidden Valley Gold Project: Optimised production through operational skills and training program

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Hidden Valley Gold Project: Optimised production through operational skills and training program

Papua New Guinea
Morobe Mining (MMJV)

Ausenco provided Morobe Mining (MMJV) operational skills and training support for the Hidden Valley gold-silver project located in Papua New Guinea.

Analysis indicated the plant was not achieving production capability due to competency issues and role confusion.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Gap Analysis

Ausenco conducted a TNA to analyse the current competency level of the operators against the required competency level to effectively operate the plant and achieve the stated target production rate and process recovery.

On-the-job training

Ausenco’s on-the-job training incorporated practical, key learning aspects for the training program. On-the-job training also allows trainees to gain a broader understanding of the upstream and downstream effects of their actions on plant production and reliability during real time situations.

Completion of learning and assessment strategy

Ausenco has successfully implemented the learning and assessment strategy and is proceeding with training and accreditation of workplace trainer assessors.


  • Training Needs Analysis provided a snapshot of the required training scope
  • training packages were specifically developed to target training in process and safety
  • training program to nationally accredited skills was completed to schedule
  • post training skills were assessed thus providing feedback on competency achievement
  • procedures and processes implemented to ensure quality and safety
  • improved work practices and safe work execution
  • improvement in employees understanding of how their operations and maintenance actions affected plant performance and plant efficiency
  • improvement in batch process of the operations e.g. reagents handling and mixing
  • elution circuit performance improvement and turnaround.