Image: Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal: Optimising operations

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Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal: Optimising operations

Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
1985 - Present

The Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal commenced operations in November 1983, at an initial capacity of 15 Mt/y.

The terminal is now a key player in the world’s global coal export market and is critical to the economic prosperity of Queensland and Australia. Since 1985, Ausenco was commissioned to perform a number of studies and to provide engineering services for the modification and expansion of the facilities, including:

  • Computer simulation model development
  • Impact of shiploading rule change with respect to tidal effects
  • Alternative berth configurations to 37 Mt/y
  • Evaluation of upgrading to 18.55 Mt/y
  • Study of incremental expansion to 19 Mt/y
  • Study of increasing speed of outloading conveyors to increase capacity from 7200 to 8000 t/h
  • Independent capacity assessment to confirm 22.5 Mt/y capability
  • Terminal expansion, outloading system requirements
  • Study of blending options for 19 grades and 26.5 Mt/y capacity.

Through these studies, Ausenco has assisted Dalrymple Bay in optimising the terminal operations.

Over the last 10 years, DBCT P/L has undergone various expansions to meet the unprecedented demand by global markets for the Bowen Basin’s premium quality coal. The terminal is now one of the world’s largest coal export facilities with the capacity to ship 85 Mt/y.