Image: Orien: Optimising performance of physical assets at mine sites

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Orien: Optimising performance of physical assets at mine sites

Anglo American Asset Strategy & Reliability (AS&R) Group
2017 - ongoing

Anglo American is a global tier 1 mining company with its head office based in the UK and operating sites located in Africa, South America, North America and Australia.

Client requirements

The Asset Tactics Development (ATD) project for Anglo American Asset Strategy & Reliability (AS&R) group involved the development of tactics to support the optimised performance of Anglo’s physical assets at their global mine sites.

Ausenco was selected by Anglo to support this initiative based on our firm’s long history of delivering sustainable outcomes for this global mining company.

Project solutions and approach

Project included:

  • Implementing Orien software (formerly R8) to Anglo operations globally, which has included installing the software on the relevant servers, training the site personnel in its use, coaching and mentoring site personnel, and Help Desk support
  • Developing and optimising asset tactics for critical assets at various sites by working with the relevant stakeholders and using the Orien software
  • Assisting with the upload of the asset tactics into the site computer maintenance management system (CMMS) using spreadsheets and upload scripts/midware.

Outcomes and achievements

Anglo had identified a significant monetary gain from improved equipment performance. The ATD project was one of the initiatives they identified to help realise this gain. Anglo’s achievements for the project included:

  • Improved reliability of critical assets resulting in increased production/ throughput
  • Reduction in maintenance costs by optimising asset tactics

Based on Ausenco’s extensive experience in asset management, we were able to help Anglo progress toward achieving its expectation of improved equipment performance.

Our team engaged with Anglo at all the different sites to get their buy-in and use of one consistent approach to achieving project deliverables. Anglo developed a methodology for executing ATD, and Ausenco engaged experienced Asset Management consultants at the sites to coach, mentor and support the site-based reliability engineers.

We provided experienced SAP specialists to assist Anglo’s site personnel with the tactics upload process. The variations in SAP configuration and SAP master data meant that developing one solution for all was not possible. Our project team comprised SAP specialists who knew the ATD process, Orien and SAP’s PM module.