Image: Orien: Optimising truck fleet performance in Brazil

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Orien: Optimising truck fleet performance in Brazil

Conceição do Mato Dentro, Brazil
Anglo American
2019 - 2021

Anglo American is a global tier 1 mining company with its head office based in the UK and operating sites located in Africa, South America, North America and Australia.

Anglo American engaged Ausenco to optimise and standardise asset maintenance strategies across their global sites.

The Challenge

Ausenco was engaged to review the existing asset maintenance strategies in place across Anglo’s global sites and uncover optimisation opportunities including ways to increase asset productivity and reduce operating costs.

Additionally, the client was seeking a large, global database of maintenance best practices, asset libraries and critical components to support all stages of the maintenance strategy review. The software needed to be easily integrated with their existing SAP system.

The Better Way

Ausenco’s team of professionals have extensive experience in implementing reliability centered maintenance methodologies and best practices and have a proven track record of asset optimisation projects with clients globally.

In assessing Anglo’s existing maintenance strategies and looking for optimisation opportunities, our team assessed:

  • existing asset hierarchy assumptions
  • asset criticality
  • operational characteristics
  • potential failure modes
  • viable activities and the frequency and resources available
  • reliability and availability KPI’s

We leveraged Orien’s robust library of maintenance strategies and tactics to consolidate all technical and methodological work and integrated with Anglo’s existing CMMS – SAP.

The Outcome

In one year, the client achieved a 51% reduction in person-hours by implementing the optimised preventive maintenance plans designed for its truck fleet.

In addition, 67% of the activities created for the maintenance strategies became condition-based monitoring, controlling the lifecycle of components and reducing downtime for preventive maintenance, resulting in a 1.2% increase in the physical availability of equipment.

The client also benefited from an increase in mean time between failures of 12.2 hours, reduced downtime by 1.7%, contributing to a 9.8% increase in overall productivity.