Image: Parkland Fuel Corporation Portfolio

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Parkland Fuel Corporation Portfolio

Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario
Parkland Fuel Corporation
2013 – ongoing

Ausenco is always looking for unique and innovative ways to help solve Parkland’s environmental issues while saving our client time and money.


Ausenco has provided various environmental services at multiple service stations and commercial facilities within the Parkland Fuel Corporation (Parkland) family of brands (including, but not limited to: Fas Gas Plus, Pioneer, Chevron, Race Trac, Bluewave Energy, Columbia Fuels, Island Petroleum and Ultramar) throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. This includes portfolio management, project management, pre-acquisition due-diligence reviews, Phase I/II/III Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), remedial excavations, annual groundwater and soil vapour monitoring programs, monitoring well-decommissioning programs, indoor air sampling programs, contractor tender management, and service station decommission and remediation.


Our project management responsibilities have included generating and implementing work plans, coordinating fieldwork, providing instruction and assistance to field employees during the completion of fieldwork, reviewing utility information and health and safety plans, providing a senior review of previous investigation reports, designing follow-up work plans, and client correspondence. Ausenco has also provided purchase support (identification of liabilities related to pre-existing contamination) and oversight of site remediation efforts conducted by other consultants.

We have conducted annual groundwater and soil vapour monitoring programs at active services stations for Parkland, reviewed historical reports, and designed and implemented Phase II ESA programs that conform to the requirements of Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard Z769-00 Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, as well as provincial regulatory protocols and requirements. Phase II ESAs include organizing and supervising sub-contractors, logging borehole lithology, selecting and submitting samples for laboratory analysis, installing groundwater monitoring and soil vapour wells, and determining groundwater flow direction. We also prepared a final environmental report, summarizing the findings, and making recommendations for future actions.

Our site decommissioning investigations include the preparation of tender documents for sub-contractors, organizing the bidding process, and awarding the contracts. In addition, we oversaw the contractors on-site and conducted laboratory analysis to confirm that soil and groundwater meet the applicable regulatory guidelines and standards.


Ausenco managed and completed multiple environmental projects for Parkland on time and under budget. We’re always looking for unique and innovative ways to help solve Parkland’s environmental issues while saving our client time and money.