Image: Thofayim Floating Jetty: Quick delivery to meet start date

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Thofayim Floating Jetty: Quick delivery to meet start date

Sierra Leone, Africa
London Mining Company
Iron Ore

Thofayim Floating Jetty is part of the Marampa Iron Ore Project which provides berthing, mooring and warping for 8,000 DWT barges to facilitate loading of iron ore with a barge loader.

The Ausenco-designed jetty consists of a row of vertical steel pipe piles, a floating platform supporting winches, and a continuous rail with two winch carriages. The platform is free to float up and down with the tide but is laterally restrained by the piles within pile guides.

Empty barges berth against the floating camel in front of the floating platform, and are brought to rest by the piles absorbing and dissipating all its kinetic energy.

Winch carriages, connected to the winches by steel cables warp the barges forward and backward along the floating platform.

The major advantage of this jetty is that it fulfilled the client’s expectation for quick fabrication and construction to meet the project’s start-up date.

The detailed design of the floating jetty was completed in September 2010. The floating platform used was a proprietary system.