Image: Hamilton Port Authority: Security upgrade at vehicle entry location

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Hamilton Port Authority: Security upgrade at vehicle entry location

Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton Port Authority

Ausenco was commissioned by the Hamilton Port Authority to upgrade the security at its vehicle entry locations accessing the Port’s rail and shipping facilities.

New security systems were designed and installed for eight entry points along the Port of Hamilton.

New motorised high-speed folding steel gates were installed at key locations to restrict public thoroughfare and to minimise truck queuing.

Outdoor lighting was added to improve visibility of traffic, along with fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

A new card access system was installed to allow authorised traffic access to Hamilton Port Authority’s lands via the vehicular gates and personnel via pedestrian (magnetically-held) swing gates.

The new systems are backed up by emergency generators and UPS systems.

All cameras and gate control systems are linked via fiber optic cabling so remote monitoring and control is performed at Hamilton Port Authority’s head office.

Guardhouses were installed in key locations should additional security be required during high MARSEC Security Levels.

Roadways, curbs and fences were modified to improve/control vehicular traffic and to increase security.

The project was completed in 2008.