Image: Arthur Laing Bridge: Seismic upgrade

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Arthur Laing Bridge: Seismic upgrade

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver Airport Authority

The Arthur Laing Bridge is a vital transportation link that must survive an earthquake It crosses the North Arm of the Fraser River, carrying traffic between the city of Vancouver and the airport on the opposite side of the river.

The airport authority selected Ausenco to do the design for the seismic upgrading of the existing bridge, which was built prior to the introduction of modern seismic design code.

Our scope of work included the seismic upgrade of deficient bearings, piers and foundations and, together with a specialist sub-consultant, the investigation of potential soil liquefaction and associated ground improvements.

The design included one of the first North American uses of an innovative lock-up device to restrict bridge movement during a seismic event, while allowing normal expansion and contraction due to weather conditions.