Image: Roxul Recycling Plant: Site development planning and engineering for a turnkey construction

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Roxul Recycling Plant: Site development planning and engineering for a turnkey construction

Milton, Ontario
Roxul Inc.

Ausenco provided site development planning and engineering for the turnkey construction of a new building to house a new briquetting process. A patented recycling process to take their waste product back into their furnace operations.

The 10,000 sq ft building is 80’-0” wide x 125’-0” long with a clear height below haunches of 35’-0”, and contains three distinct process areas: a collection area (or “Waste Hall”), a process area (or “Production Hall”) and a “Curing Hall”.

The waste product had previously been stored on-site. This is now moved, along with the binding materials, into new Ausenco designed storage bins and conveyor systems in the Waste Hall.

These materials are brought into the Production Hall through a rod mill to reduce them to the appropriate size, placed in mixers to create a homogeneous mix and transferred to the briquetting machine.

Raw briquettes are transferred to the Curing Hall by conveyor and located using a stacking crane. After air curing, the briquettes are transferred to an on-site storage and shipping area ready to be transferred back to the main production plant as needed. The facility features acoustic rooms to minimise noise pollution for employees, ventilation systems to ensure fumes are safely discharged following MOE guidelines and a high technology control room to ensure critical curing temperatures are maintained.

Successful integration with Roxul’s project manager and project team allowed this facility to start up ontime and on-budget. All waste materials are now being reintroduced into the process saving cost by minimising waste, and eliminating transportation costs to landfill, and also helping to protect the environment.