Image: Transition to new maintenance and budgeting techniques

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Transition to new maintenance and budgeting techniques

Queensland & New South Wales, Australia
Anglo American Metallurgical Coal

Ausenco Rylson was engaged to drive the implementation of a Maintenance Improvement Project (MIP) across two underground mines, five open cut mines and four coal processing plants operated by Anglo American Metallurgical Coal.

Ausenco Rylson delivered:

  • Optimised maintenance strategies for all critical assets
  • Operational budgets (OPEX) for all critical assets
  • Critical spares requirements for each site
  • Workload profiles for each site
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models for critical assets.

The project required a large onsite team as well as back office support to deliver within the specified timeframes. Maintenance strategies were optimised using a facilitative workshop approach. Significant input from client personnel ensured project buy-in as well as development opportunities for client staff. Total Cost of Ownership models for all critical assets were developed using Ausenco Rylson’s enterprise-grade asset management tool, Rylson8.


Maintenance strategies were optimised and revised strategies implemented across all sites. Full lifecycle costs and resource profiles were established for each mine site, highlighting high cost assets. This allowed the organisation to define a replacement strategy for the high cost assets and quantify the cost savings.

Ausenco Rylson succeeded in transitioning the organisation away from traditional top-down maintenance budgeting to zero based budgeting by ensuring maintenance budgets were fully justified and transparent. The organisation as a whole benefited from increased knowledge of Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), reliability engineering, activity based budgeting and lifecycle costing.