Image: TransLink: Passenger information displays project

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TransLink: Passenger information displays project

Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada
2018 - 2021

TransLink is the statutory authority responsible for the regional transportation network of Metro Vancouver, including public transit, major roads and bridges.

TransLink engaged Ausenco for studies, detailed design and construction support of the new SkyTrain Passenger Information Displays (PIDs) system.

The project added 280 displays across Metro Vancouver’s SkyTrain network, including the associated power and communication infrastructure

Client requirements

The existing PLEDs (platform LED’s) at the 33 Expo and Millennium Line SkyTrain stations (excluding the Evergreen Extension) were past their design lives. To improve the customers’ experience, TransLink required upgrades:

  • T-PIDs - Train PIDs (train destination and departure information)
  • G-PIDs - General PIDs (service and customer information)
  • E-PIDs - Entrance PIDs (system status and general information).

Project solutions and approach

Ausenco engaged a specialist in human factors to ensure the PIDs are easily visible to all passengers.

To avoid any service interruptions, the site information collection, and construction work was completed between 2 AM and 6 AM (non-revenue hours).

The upgrade consisted of installing two T-PIDs and one G-PID per SkyTrain platform, typically in new locations. E-PIDs were added to all station entrances.

The PID installation required mounting displays to the station structures (e.g. ceilings or walls), as well as running power and signal cabling from the station electrical equipment rooms (EER’s) to the display locations and the installation of network/communication equipment in the station EER’s.

Outcomes and achievements

Ausenco completed: condition assessments; design coordination; coordination with a transit ergonomics specialist; implementation planning; and implementation.

The design (and subsequent implementation) occurred concurrently with other SkyTrain station upgrade projects, including the Closed Circuit Television Project and the Public Address Project. Ausenco worked closely with these project teams, coordinating work to minimize and resolve inter-project design and implementation conflicts. Over a 3-year period, 280 PIDs were installed across Metro Vancouver’s SkyTrain network.