Image: Hayes-Dana: Turnkey Design Build Project

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Hayes-Dana: Turnkey Design Build Project

St. Mary's, Ontario
Newman Bros. Limited

Structural design services included the building foundations, as well as foundations and pits for the heavy presses ranging up to 3,000 tonne capacity. Presses are housed in deep pits up to 26'-0" deep.

The mechanical ventilation system for the plant utilises the “Solarwall” concept that absorbs, collects and distributes atmospheric heat build-up on the south facing walls of the plant via a canopy, thus reducing overall energy costs. The “Solarwall” is backed up with an infrared heating system. HVAC for the office, maintenance and tool room areas uses conventional roof mounted, gas-fired air conditioning units. The locker/shower and washroom areas incorporate the use of heat recovery units capable of utilising the heat from the exhaust system and transferring it directly into the supply air stream to maximise energy efficiency.

Ausenco developed the material handling and conveying systems for the movement of frame components, from the presses through assembly, to final painting and shipping.

The electrical installation includes a 13.8 KV switchgear with metering, feeding two 1500 KVA substations with provision for future expansion. Power bus ducts of 480 volts monopolise the distribution system for efficiency and the changing of plant assembly lines.

High intensity metal halide fixtures are used throughout the plant with split bus lighting panels to reduce power consumption during nonworking periods and to extend lamp life.