Operations & Maintenance


  • Queensland Fertilizer Project: Innovative dry handling and wet stacking technique used

    Queensland Fertilizer Project - Gypsum Handling & Stacking System

  • Arthur Laing Bridge: Seismic upgrade

    Arthur Laing Bridge - Seismic Upgrade

  • Bromptonville Project: Advanced 26mw biomass power system

    Bromptonville Biomass Cogeneration Plant

  • Centerm: Container terminal redevelopment and expansion

    Centerm Container Port Expansion

  • False Creek Energy Centre: Innovative environmental solution turns waste water into sustainable heating

    False Creek Energy Centre

  • Long Beach Facilities: Bulk handling facilities upgrade to include fully enclose equipment

    Port of Long Beach Facilities

  • NaiKun Wind Farm: Offshore meteorological station

    NaiKun Wind Farm - Metmast

  • Poraver: New state-of-the-art glass bead manufacturing facility

    Poraver Manufacturing Facility

  • Port Mann: Seismic resistant water main feeds growing demand

    Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel Crossing

  • Fraser River: Site selection study for potential cruise ship terminal

    Fraser River Cruise Terminal Project

  • Waste-to-Energy Facility: Preliminary study for a 43mw refuse derived power plant

    Waste-to-Energy Facility

  • Wood Residue Cogeneration Plant: Power from burning wood waste

    Wood Residue Cogeneration Plant

  • Pattullo Bridge: Seismic Upgrade Solution

    Pattullo Bridge Seismic Upgrade and General Rehabilitation Design-Phase 4

  • Grandview Cut Guideway: SkyTrain extension

    Grandview Cut Guideway

  • Marampa Iron Ore Project: Optimising barge transshipments through simulation

    Marampa Iron Ore Project