• Find a better way to move your material from mine to market.

    An article series uncovering the key considerations in a holistic approach to transportation processes.

  • Increasing berth utilization with alternative technology

    Containerized bulk handling is a relatively low capital investment option to increase berth utilization.

  • Centerm: Container terminal redevelopment and expansion

    Centerm Container Port Expansion

  • Long Beach Facilities: Bulk handling facilities upgrade to include fully enclose equipment

    Port of Long Beach Facilities

  • Fraser River: Site selection study for potential cruise ship terminal

    Fraser River Cruise Terminal Project

  • Tubarão Port: Strategic overview to achieve inbound throughputs

    Tubarão Port

  • Optimizing the selection of bulk transportation systems

    To maximise value of bulk transportation systems, trade-off studies evaluate different transport options for the entire network from plant to destination.

  • Impacts of technology and ship sizes on ports

    How will technology and ever-increasing ship sizes change design and management of ports? Katrina Dodd explores industry thinking.

  • Implementing containerised bulk handling at Las Bambas

    For the Las Bambas copper mine in Peru we integrated a modern multi-modal containerised bulk handling system into a conventional bulk terminal logistics system.

  • Modern containerized bulk handling

    Recent developments in containerized bulk handling technology remove many of the challenges associated with conventional containers and offer opportunities for increased efficiency.