Operations & Maintenance


  • How Newmont Goldcorp is helping to drive energy efficiency around the world

    This paper leverages the Newmont Goldcorp data to review various methods for assessing comminution circuit efficiency.

  • Optimising energy efficiency by including embodied energy in comminution circuits

    Congratulations to Grant Ballantyne for receiving the prestigious 2020 Medal for Technical Research from the Coalition for Energy Efficiency Comminution (CEEC).

  • Greg Lane wins Art MacPherson Award

    Congratulations to Greg Lane, recipient of the 2019 CMP/CIM Art MacPherson Award.

  • Geometallurgy applied in comminution to minimize design risks

    Paper presented at the SAG Conference, Vancouver, September 2015

  • Creating the process plant of the future

    As digitisation continues to disrupt the mineral processing space, Austmine members Ausenco and Petra Data Science explore the future process plant in operation.

  • Greg Lane joins the Board of Directors of CEEC

    Greg Lane, Ausenco’s Chief Technical Officer has been elected to the Board of the Coalition of Energy Efficient Comminution (CEEC)

  • Reliability of some ore characterisation tests

    Paper presented at the SAG Conference, Vancouver, September 2016

  • Ausenco continues CEEC support to improve mineral processing efficiencies

    ​The relationship between Ausenco and the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC) began five years ago when CEEC’s founding Board members approached a core group of key industry CEOs to support the establishment of a Resource Centre to accelerate awareness, knowledge transfer and, by implication, improve energy and cost outcomes in the substantive area of comminution.

  • Comminution and the future of minerals processing

    In the second of a three-part Insight, we talk to Ausenco’s Chief Technical Officer Greg Lane about his passion for comminution and how he sees the minerals processing industry developing over the next five years.

  • 40 years and counting – how things have changed in minerals processing

    In this first of a three-part series, we ask Greg Lane, Ausenco’s Chief Technical Officer, to look back at what’s changed during his time in the industry.

  • Operating comminution circuits without grinding media

    Our experts outline how to adapt your comminution circuit’s operating strategy to reduce operating cost.

  • Unlock SAG mill capacity with process control optimisation

    Insight article by Karl Visnovec and Dr. Rajiv Chandramohan, Technical Director, Operational Optimisation.

  • Optimisation opportunities at Newmont Goldcorp's Peñasquito operation

    Paper presented by Dr. Rajiv Chandramohan (Ausenco) and Kevin Erwin (Newmont Goldcorp) at SAG Conference 2019, Vancouver, Canada, 25 September, 2019.

  • SAG mill liner selection to maximise productivity

    Paper presented by Richard Whittering at Procemin-Geomet 2019 Conference, Santiago, Chile, 21 November, 2019

  • SAG mill optimisation & increasing throughput at Phu Kham

    Paper presented by Dr. Rajiv Chandramohan at AusIMM Mill Operators Conference, Brisbane, August 2018.

  • Quantifying the energy efficiency transformation at Cadia due to HPGR crushing

    Paper presented at the 14th AusIMM Mill Operators’ Conference, Brisbane, August 2018.

  • SAG mill optimisation using power-based simulations

    Paper presented by Dr. Rajiv Chandramohan at Comminution '18, Cape Town, South Africa, April 2018

  • Comminution circuit design considerations

    This paper demonstrates the selection of grinding circuit technology for a number of recent projects including discussion of the key drivers and the role of energy efficiency.

  • A review of the options in concentrator layout

    This paper challenges some of the paradigms associated with concentrator design and summarizes the value associated with good decisions when compared with using “standard" designs. Presented by Niresh Deonarain at Procemin 2016.