Arctic Onshore & Offshore


  • Mina Justa: Delivering a green-field copper project safely & reliably during a global pandemic

    Mina Justa Copper Project

  • Moose River: Performance-based contract enables project financing and drives superior shareholder value

    Moose River Consolidated Gold Project

  • The long haul: Our 30-year commitment to the first multi-product pipeline in a mountainous region

    Antamina Multi-Product Concentrate Pipeline System

  • Constancia Copper Mine: Success at High-Altitude

    Constancia Copper Mine

  • Carrapateena copper mine: Largest copper concentrator built in Australia’s recent history

    Carrapateena Copper Gold Mine

  • Capricorn Copper: Increased Asset Value through O&M services

    Capricorn Copper Mine

  • Chatree Gold: Award winning gold processing facility

    Chatree Gold EPCM Project

  • Goldstrike TCM Leach Project: Successful gold production uses patented thiosulfate processing method

    Goldstrike TCM Leach Project

  • Jinfeng Gold BIOX®: First gold project in China by a western entity

    Jinfeng Gold BIOX® Project

  • Phu Kham Copper-Gold: Low capital cost concentrator

    Project delivered in demanding terrain

  • Sabodala Gold: EPCM delivery of Sabodala 2 Mt/y gold mine

    Sabodala Gold Project

  • Sepon Copper - Innovative and complex copper leaching process

    Sepon Copper - Innovative leaching solutions

  • How to achieve high Net Present Value in project delivery

    In this webinar, our experts will discuss how to achieve high Net Present Value in project delivery.

  • Marampa Iron Ore Project: Operational readiness plans bring Marampa safely to full production

    Marampa Iron Ore Project

  • Sepon Gold: EPCM delivery of 1.25 Mt/y gold processing facility

    Sepon Gold Project

  • Spent Potlining Project: Treatment facility for aluminum smelting process waste product

    Boyne Smelter Spent Potlining Project

  • Browns Oxide Copper Project: Construction and commissioning support

    Browns Oxide Copper Project

  • Ernest Henry Mining magnetite recovery base plant

    EHM Magnetite Recovery Base Plant

  • Ridgeway Deeps development project

    Ridgeway Deeps Development Project

  • Bendigo Gold: EPCM for first Australian HPGR installation for Hard Rock Mining

    Bendigo Gold EPCM Project

  • Gypsum/Paragoethite Project: Completed with minimal operational disruption

    Clean Gypsum and Paragoethite Project

  • Pooncarie Mineral Sands Project: Delivery of two plants on separate sites

    Pooncarie Mineral Sands Project

  • Synthetic Rutile Plant and North Mine: Project and construction management of expansion project

    Synthetic Rutile Plant and North Mine Expansion Project

  • Kainantu: EPCM Gold Project completed in remote highlands of PNG

    Kainantu Gold EPCM Project

  • Hidden Valley Gold Project: Success in PNG rainforest

    Hidden Valley Gold Project

  • Alumbrera Copper-Gold Mine: Pilot test program through to EPC services for concentrator upgrade

    Alumbrera Copper-Gold Mine

  • Cerro Verde Project: Tailings distribution and water reclaim system

    Cerro Verde Tailings Management Project

  • Slurry pipeline SCADA system and valve control at 4,300m ASL

    Collahuasi Slurry Pipeline SCADA System

  • Greenfield Energy Centre: EPCM support for 1,005mw natural gas power plant

    Greenfield Energy Centre EPCM

  • Poraver: New state-of-the-art glass bead manufacturing facility

    Poraver Manufacturing Facility

  • Viga 15 Project: Well-established relationship leads to EPCM contract

    Viga 15 Project

  • Whitesands: Pilot plant demonstrates toe-to-heel air injection oil sands recovery process

    Whitesands THAI Pilot Plant

  • Atwood Production Plant: Rebuild of a destroyed facility

    Rebuilding Atwood Production Plant After The Fire

  • Moberly Silica Mine: Integrated Technical and Operational Solutions

    Moberly Silica Frac Sands

  • Design and commissioning of a long-distance pipeline transporting thickened tailings in laminar flow

    Paper presented by Alisson Vidal at the Rio Pipeline Conference 2019, Rio de Janeiro, 4 September 2019.

  • Gosowong Gold Extension Project: EPCM project delivered in logistically challenging location

    Gosowong Gold Extension Project

  • Mt Barker: Installation of inland wind farm on a private property

    Mt Barker Wind Farm

  • Kwale Project: First mineral sands process plant built in Kenya

    Kwale Mineral Sands Project

  • Los Pelambres Project: Copper tailings and concentrate pipeline system

    Los Pelambres Mauro/Quillayes Dam