• The long haul: Our 30-year commitment to the first multi-product pipeline in a mountainous region

    Antamina Multi-Product Concentrate Pipeline System

  • Constancia Copper Mine: Success at High-Altitude

    Constancia Copper Mine

  • Capricorn Copper: Increased Asset Value through O&M services

    Capricorn Copper Mine

  • Goldstrike TCM Leach Project: Successful gold production uses patented thiosulfate processing method

    Goldstrike TCM Leach Project

  • Tucano Gold Project: Transition to new Carbon-in-Leach (CIL) facility

    Tucano Gold Project

  • Sabodala Gold: EPCM delivery of Sabodala 2 Mt/y gold mine

    Sabodala Gold Project

  • Spent Potlining Project: Treatment facility for aluminum smelting process waste product

    Boyne Smelter Spent Potlining Project

  • Mt Cuthbert Copper Operations: Seamless operational management to target achievement

    Mt Cuthbert Copper Operations

  • Ernest Henry Mining magnetite recovery base plant

    EHM Magnetite Recovery Base Plant

  • Ridgeway Deeps development project

    Ridgeway Deeps Development Project

  • Pooncarie Mineral Sands Project: Delivery of two plants on separate sites

    Pooncarie Mineral Sands Project

  • Synthetic Rutile Plant and North Mine: Project and construction management of expansion project

    Synthetic Rutile Plant and North Mine Expansion Project

  • Kainantu: EPCM Gold Project completed in remote highlands of PNG

    Kainantu Gold EPCM Project

  • Samarco Project: One of the world's longest iron concentrate pipeline systems

    Samarco Iron Concentrate Pipeline System

  • Moberly Silica Mine: Integrated Technical and Operational Solutions

    Moberly Silica Frac Sands

  • Tail Gas Scrubbing Project: Completed with minimal disruption to existing plant

    Tail Gas Scrubbing Project