Viga 15


  • Bromptonville Project: Advanced 26mw biomass power system

    Bromptonville Biomass Cogeneration Plant

  • False Creek Energy Centre: Innovative environmental solution turns waste water into sustainable heating

    False Creek Energy Centre

  • Greenfield Energy Centre: EPCM support for 1,005mw natural gas power plant

    Greenfield Energy Centre EPCM

  • NaiKun Wind Farm: Offshore meteorological station

    NaiKun Wind Farm - Metmast

  • Vancouver Island: Award Winning 254mw cogeneration facility

    Vancouver Island Cogeneration Project

  • Waste-to-Energy Facility: Preliminary study for a 43mw refuse derived power plant

    Waste-to-Energy Facility

  • Burrard Generating Station: Risk analysis and retrofit design

    Burrard Generating Station Thermal Upgrade

  • Water & Wastewater Facilities: Energy Audit

    Water & Wastewater Facilities Energy Audit

  • Steam Turbine Generator Project: Campus heating plant solution

    Steam Turbine Generator Project

  • Simandou port development: Front end loading in two phases

    Simandou Port Development

  • Kogan Creek Power Station: Smooth transition from commissioning to operations

    Kogan Creek Power Station