Environment & Sustainability Solutions


  • Mina Justa: Delivering a green-field copper project safely & reliably during a global pandemic

    Mina Justa Copper Project

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Cost-Effective & Innovative Designs

    With a global push to reduce our carbon footprint and implement more effective environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), Ausenco is leading environmentally conscious design solutions for the mining industry.

  • Escondida Copper Mine: Oxide leach expansion project

    Escondida Copper Mine - Oxide Leach Expansion

  • Tucano Gold Project: Transition to new Carbon-in-Leach (CIL) facility

    Tucano Gold Project

  • In-situ groundwater remediation

    Groundwater represents 30% of the world’s fresh water. It is an important natural resource needed to maintain ecological balances and life on earth as well as playing a significant role in our economy.

  • Geomatics: Using ‘the science of where’ to see clearly

    The “science of where” has moved from pencil drafts to field digital solutions and computer modelling that empowers fast and effective decision-making in even the most challenging natural environments.

  • Cerro Matoso Ferronickel Mine: Ground control and geotechnical risk studies

    Cerro Matoso Ferronickel Mine

  • Ausenco team wins Schreyer Award & Award of Excellence

    We are incredibly honoured to receive the top Canadian Consulting Engineering award - the Schreyer Award, in addition to an Award of Excellence, for the Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel project.

  • Pascua Lama: High altitude tailing storage facility design

    Pascua Lama Tailings Storage Facility

  • Port Mann: Seismic resistant water main feeds growing demand

    Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel Crossing

  • Vancouver Island: Award Winning 254mw cogeneration facility

    Vancouver Island Cogeneration Project