• Why localization is key to mining success

    The success of a project hinges on your ability to integrate local talent and resources into your plan and operations.

  • Find A Better Way: Activating ESG

    The environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda is becoming increasingly important to investors and stakeholders. What does that mean for the mining sector?

  • Benefits of simulation for optimizing dry stack tailings design

    Development of a simulation model which can account for all major processes, dependencies, and failure modes is recommended to correctly evaluate the trade-off between capital equipment and plant availability.

  • Maximising value for our mining clients

    At Ausenco, our ultimate objective is to develop solutions that maximize our client's return on investment while managing technical risks and environmental, social & governance (ESG) factors. By establishing the best fit-for-purpose mineral and metal extraction processes, we achieve the highest project value based on capital costs, operating costs and metal recovery.

  • Improving the morning commute with passenger information displays

    When setting out to do something 280 times, one expects the process to become easier and more efficient. What if each time is frustratingly unique?

  • Balancing performance, cost and risk – the asset manager’s challenge

    Efficient asset management requires alignment between various areas within an organisation such as operations, maintenance, engineering, inventory, finance and security.

  • Las Bambas – Evolving transportation logistics and solutions

    Evolving transportation logistics and solutions at the Las Bambas copper mine is located in mountainous terrain near Cusco, Peru.

  • Adding Value to Mining Projects: Q&A with the Vice President of Ausenco Brazil

    In this interview, we speak with Everson Tedardi, Vice President of Ausenco Brazil about the company’s purpose, the current commodity super cycle, and how Ausenco adds value to mining projects.

  • Increasing project value with ore sorting

    Ore sorting technology offers benefits such as reductions in operating costs and environmental impact, increased production and increased NPV.

  • Geomatics: Using ‘the science of where’ to see clearly

    The “science of where” has moved from pencil drafts to field digital solutions and computer modelling that empowers fast and effective decision-making in even the most challenging natural environments.

  • Supporting our pipeline clients around the world with accurate lab results

    Our lab experts have characterized thousands of slurry samples to understand the slurry characteristics crucial to pipeline projects.

  • Combining forces from the outset – the benefit of an integrated engineering and environmental team

    Robin Kalanchey and Scott Weston discuss the benefits of a combined engineering and environmental team.

  • Infographic: Find a better way to move your material from mine to market

  • Addressing the economic myths around dry tailings

    Matt Pyle, our Director Technical Solutions, discusses the economic myths around dry tailings.

  • Remote working: How to better cope with COVID using drones

    Our experts discuss innovative applications of drones during COVID-19

  • From mine to market: Why doing more can sometimes cost less

    Joel Shirriff, Global Practice Lead, Terminals & Transportation, discusses why doing more can sometimes cost less.

  • Asset optimization opportunities in challenging times

    In our recent webinar "Asset optimization opportunities in challenging times" our experts discussed asset management strategies for weathering the global pandemic.

  • Maintaining best practice during the COVID-19 pandemic

    An interview with Jo Mackenzie, General Manager of Operations and Maintenance

  • Solving site challenges remotely

    In our recent North American webinar our experts discussed current best practices for serving mine and project sites remotely.

  • Q&A: Maintaining best practice during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Jo Mackenzie, General Manager of Operations and Maintenance at Ausenco, sat down with the AusIMM Bulletin to discuss how she and her team have responded to the changes in work practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Does a lack of trust contribute to cost blowouts?

    The principles that apply to the design of smaller projects apply to big projects.

  • Moose River Project – an interview with PM Mark Cornwell

    A sit down interview with PM Mark Cornwell to discuss the Moose River Consolidated Gold Project where Ausenco undertook the delivery of the 2 mtpa carbon-in-leach (CIL) processing plant and associated infrastructure. The project is located ~85 km north-east of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Ausenco sponsors Disrupt Mining

    How we're delivering innovation within the mining industry

  • Improving the performance and efficiency of SAGD water treatment facilities

    Ausenco uses technology to improve performance and efficiency of SAGD water treatment facilities

  • Operating comminution circuits without grinding media

    Our experts outline how to adapt your comminution circuit’s operating strategy to reduce operating cost.

  • Building a short-term operational strategy with a long-term focus

    5 steps for building a sustainable short-term operating strategy with a long-term focus.