• Mina Justa: Delivering a green-field copper project safely & reliably during a global pandemic

    Mina Justa Copper Project

  • Escondida Copper Mine: Oxide leach expansion project

    Escondida Copper Mine - Oxide Leach Expansion

  • Cerro Matoso Ferronickel Mine: Ground control and geotechnical risk studies

    Cerro Matoso Ferronickel Mine

  • Galeno Copper Mine: GIS constraints model used to assist in project delivery success

    Galeno Copper Mine

  • Pascua Lama: High altitude tailing storage facility design

    Pascua Lama Tailings Storage Facility

  • Pierina Gold Mine: Innovative solutions to heap leaching

    Pierina Gold Mine

  • Use of scaled granulometries and densities for geotechnical characterization of rockfill

    Presented at the Pan-American Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Cancun, Mexico, Nov 2019.