• How to transform your mining project; recent examples of innovation that enabled step-change outcomes.

    This article explores industry drivers and challenges facing current projects.

  • How a monitoring system optimizes and enhances the safety of pipeline operations

    By employing cutting-edge technology, pipeline operators can enhance operations and improve safety and cost-efficiency.

  • Pushing the boundaries of the mining industry by leveraging tech-based innovation

    Our CIO, Anuj Anand was featured in Analytics Insight magazine’s ‘The Top 10 Most Innovative CIOs to Follow in 2021’ December issue. Anuj discusses overcoming technological challenges, integrating AI, the four must-have attributes of a CIO and ends with advice for future leaders.

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Cost-Effective & Innovative Designs

    With a global push to reduce our carbon footprint and implement more effective environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), Ausenco is leading environmentally conscious design solutions for the mining industry.

  • Remote working: How to better cope with COVID using drones

    Our experts discuss innovative applications of drones during COVID-19

  • Solving site challenges from the home office

    In this article, our experts discuss how we help mining companies add value using remote operations.

  • Challenging paradigms and adding value to each project

    In this Insight, we have connected with Paul Staples, VP and Global Practice Lead, M&M, to discuss his take on Ausenco’s project delivery capabilities and differentiators

  • An interview on application systems innovation

    Interview with Anuj Anand, Ausenco’s Director Application Solutions, Technology Services and Solutions

  • Ausenco sponsors Disrupt Mining

    How we're delivering innovation within the mining industry

  • Mina Justa Project: Q&A with the Project Director

    In this Insight, we have connected with the Project Director, to discuss our work on the project and find out how Ausenco is delivering an appropriate, fit-for-purpose solution for our client.

  • Cultivating a culture of innovation

    Knowledge and confidence are central to being different in the market. As a global company with a reputation for providing innovative solutions to our clients, Ausenco actively cultivates behaviours that foster innovation. Chief Technical Officer, Greg Lane and Graduate Electrical Engineer, Jason Bullock offer an example of how that’s done.