• Moose River: Performance-based contract enables project financing and drives superior shareholder value

    Moose River Consolidated Gold Project

  • Carrapateena copper mine: Largest copper concentrator built in Australia’s recent history

    Carrapateena Copper Gold Mine

  • Goldstrike TCM Leach Project: Successful gold production uses patented thiosulfate processing method

    Goldstrike TCM Leach Project

  • Jinfeng Gold BIOX®: First gold project in China by a western entity

    Jinfeng Gold BIOX® Project

  • Phu Kham Copper-Gold: Low capital cost concentrator

    Project delivered in demanding terrain

  • Dairi lead-zinc project undertaken in mountainous terrain

    Dairi Lead-Zinc Project

  • Queensland Fertilizer Project: Innovative dry handling and wet stacking technique used

    Queensland Fertilizer Project - Gypsum Handling & Stacking System

  • Slurry pipeline SCADA system and valve control at 4,300m ASL

    Collahuasi Slurry Pipeline SCADA System

  • Optimizing the selection of bulk transportation systems

    To maximise value of bulk transportation systems, trade-off studies evaluate different transport options for the entire network from plant to destination.

  • Impacts of technology and ship sizes on ports

    How will technology and ever-increasing ship sizes change design and management of ports? Katrina Dodd explores industry thinking.

  • El Aouj: Iron Ore Feasibility Study

    El Aouj Iron Ore mine project

  • Fruta del Norte Project: Underground Gold-Silver Mine with high grade of gold

    Process plant layout optimized

  • Performance of HDPE pipes under high loads

    Presented at the Pan-American Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Cancun, Mexico, Nov 2019.

  • Bulk ports & technology - the evolution of containerised bulk handling

    Presentation at TOC Europe 2016