Operations & Maintenance


  • End to End Data Management to Improve Asset Integrity and Reliability

    In this webinar, our experts discussed how data management can help make better decisions about asset integrity.

  • Infographic: Find a better way to move your material from mine to market

  • Ausenco welcomes Alexandra Almenara as new Vice President, Environment & Sustainability in South America

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Alexandra Almenara as new Vice President, Environment & Sustainability in South America.

  • Molikpaq Project: Arctic engineering for first oil production platform in Russian Arctic

    Molikpaq Spacer and Modifications

  • Site selection for ports and terminals

    The choice of location for the installation of a port terminal is one of the most important decisions for the success of a port project.

  • Ausenco wins three-year services agreement with Southwest Gas

    The project will provide next-generation remote terminal unit (RTU) control systems at 16 of the client’s high pressure gas facilities in the Las Vegas Valley, southern Nevada and northwest Arizona service areas. The stations provide gas metering, pressure regulation and odor injection for all of the natural gas used in these areas. Ausenco will assemble, program, deliver, test and commission the RTU systems.

  • Using a computational fluid dynamics model to unlock the potential for more reliable once-through steam generator steam quality control

    Paper presented at World Heavy Oil Congress, Alberta, Canada, March 2015

  • Ausenco expands in North American oil and gas market

    Ausenco Limited (ASX: AAX) today announced it had acquired Canadian oil sands business PROJEX Technologies to grow its Energy business and expand its offering in Canada’s oil sands market.

  • Climate change and ice road operations

    Communities and businesses in arctic regions must stay knowledgeable about ice road operability issues. The Ausenco team examines and identifies the impact of climate change on ice road conditions and operations.

  • Ice pads for exploratory drilling

    Exploration drilling projects in arctic and northern regions often take place in remote, cold, isolated and demanding locations such as lakes, muskeg areas and oceans.

  • Trans Mountain: Expansion Project Study

    Trans Mountain Expansion Project Study

  • Improving the performance and efficiency of SAGD water treatment facilities

    Ausenco uses technology to improve performance and efficiency of SAGD water treatment facilities

  • Molikpaq Project: Arctic drilling caisson bearing refit for high seismic area

    Molikpaq Seismic Bearing Replacement

  • Greenfield Marine Terminal: Facility layout provided with stress on best "safe distance" practices

    Feasibility Study For Greenfield Marine LPG Terminal

  • SHBAB Pipeline: Leak detection uses EFA Technologies LeakNet

    SHBAB Pipeline Leak Detection