• Mina Justa: Delivering a green-field copper project safely & reliably during a global pandemic

    Mina Justa Copper Project

  • Capricorn Copper: Increased Asset Value through O&M services

    Capricorn Copper Mine

  • Century Mine: Optimisation of fleet and processing plant results in 17% cost savings

    Century Mine

  • Mt Cuthbert Copper Operations: Seamless operational management to target achievement

    Mt Cuthbert Copper Operations

  • Arrow Energy Moranbah Gas Project: Implementing an optimised work management system

    Arrow Energy Moranbah Gas Project

  • Arrow Energy: Compliance and safety of electrical installations

    Arrow Energy Electrical Compliance

  • Arrow Energy: Shutdown planning for critical maintenance activities

    Arrow Energy Shutdown Planning

  • CS Energy: Asset management standards reviewed

    CS Energy Asset Management Standards

  • Hidden Valley Gold Project: Optimised production through operational skills and training program

    Hidden Valley Gold Project

  • Molikpaq Project: Arctic engineering for first oil production platform in Russian Arctic

    Molikpaq Spacer and Modifications

  • Morobe Mining: PNG Gold Mine Asset Management Improvement Program

    Morobe Mining JV Asset Management Program

  • Marampa Project: Maintenance strategy development for iron ore brownfield site

    Marampa Iron Ore Project

  • Newmont Mining: Global asset management system implementation

    Newmont Mining Corporation