• Pipeline projects: From challenge to solution

    Having the skills to effectively study, design and engineer a pipeline can make a huge difference to the outcome and cost of a project

  • Increasing project value with ore sorting

    Ore sorting technology offers benefits such as reductions in operating costs and environmental impact, increased production and increased NPV.

  • Reliability of some ore characterisation tests

    Paper presented at the SAG Conference, Vancouver, September 2016

  • Impact of shallow and deep injection well leach solutions with respect to ore heap slope stability

    Paper presented at Heap Leach Solutions 2015, InfoMine, Nevada, USA, September 2015.

  • Layout considerations for ore sorting

    Paper presented by Ben Patterson at Canadian Mineral Processors Conference (CMP) 2019

  • Arsenic in complex orebodies

    Paper presented by Maedeh Tayebi-Khorami at the AusIMM Complex Orebodies conference in Brisbane in November 2018

  • SAG mill optimisation & increasing throughput at Phu Kham

    Paper presented by Dr. Rajiv Chandramohan at AusIMM Mill Operators Conference, Brisbane, August 2018.

  • Hydraulic performance of a permanent heap leach with an intermediate drainage system

    Paper presented at the Heap Leach Solutions Conference, Reno, September 2015