• Renewables

    In this series of articles, Hemmera’s experts look at the challenges, opportunities and solutions to environmental approvals for clean and renewable energy projects they’ve been involved in over the last two decades.

  • Understanding your EA commitments and how they impact construction and operation

    A critical part of the environmental assessment (EA) process for renewable energy projects is providing commitments around protecting the environment through all phases of project development, and through to operation.

  • Regional Differences in Environmental Assessments for Renewables

    Understanding environmental risk is critical for any renewable energy project. As discussed in the first article in this series, projects can be delayed, incur costly mitigation requirements, or even denied if environmental concerns aren’t properly addressed.

  • Understanding environmental risks early in a project and planning for successful operation

    Early environmental investigations and discussions with regulators as well as local stakeholders in advance of undertaking the formal approvals process is often critical to the success of a project.